Lanier Report 9/10/15

Well, after a little while, its time for a report. Got back on the water last week after a two week vacation. Spent a little time on the beach and just relaxing getting ready for the Fall rush. We have also been stocking up our jigs and worms so SpotSticker would be ready for the fall.

Was out a few days last week and everyday this week. All of my trips this week have been prepping guys for tournaments. Fishing has been decent this week but it is very typical for September. The fish are in a transition phase and it will just take some time. The fish are very catchable, you just have to change your patterns.

Most of our fish this week have come from deeper water. There are not that many fish up on the brush. There are some but over all, that is a very slow pattern and most of the fish up there are small. The bigger fish are sitting out in 38-45 feet of water. We had a good week catching the bigger fish out on deeper stuff.

The fish are pretty tight to the bottom and we have used two baits to catch them. A jig and a drop shot. I have been using a 3/8 and 1/2 ounce Green Craw and Green Pumpkin Craw SpotSticker jig anytime I have been in the timber. While inside the timber and on flat bottoms, I have been using a drop shot. AT times, you can not see the fish the are so tight to the bottom. Once one catch one, you will see your Lawrence light up.

For drop shot, I am using a #2 or #4 Gami drop shot hook with a 3/8 drop shot weight and 8 pound Invisx. For a drop shot worm, I am nosehooking a 6″ SpotSticker hand pour in Hot Tomato and Cinnamon Purple. I like the contrast between these two baits. just fish one for a few mins on a spot then drop the other down there.

In the mid lake area, we had a couple of good mornings working 3/4 ounce Mini-Me Spinnerbaits with dual white willows on windy points. This has been pretty solid early and its getting better every day. That bite is just coining on us and should also work its way down the lake as the water cools.

As for openings, I have the following for September. The 15th and the 22nd.
For October, I have been booking a good many days and in the first few weeks, I have the 6th, 8th, 14th and 16th available.

Let me know if your interested in any of these days. Thanks so much for the calls and good luck to everyone out there.



46 thoughts on “Lanier Report 9/10/15

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