Lanier Report 11/5/15

The lake level is all over the place right now. Up, down, up down. Right now, its sits just a little under 2 feel low but more rain is coming this weekend so look for it to continue to rise. Not exactly what we like this time of year but not much we can do about it. I think the lake being down in the winter is a thing of the past.

The surface temps are in the mid to low 60′s and should drop a little more with next weeks cold weather. About where it should be for early to mid November.

Fishing is pretty consistent right now. There are shallow and deep bites out there and you can do well on either one. I have been getting out about 3-4 days per week with all the rain and fishing both.

Up shallow, I have been doing well on a Mini Me with painted blade early around rock points and wood cover. This bite is best when we have a little wind or low light. As the day goes on, you can still catch some very big fish on a spinnerbait but the wind really helps. Two things, White/painted blades and a trailer hook. Don’t leave home without either. My best colors in the Mini Me have been the Blue Billet, PC Special and Blue Glimmer.

The jerkbait bite has also been pretty good up shallow. That has been going on for a few months now and continues to produce big fish early. Later in the day, I have been working brush in 25 feet with the jerkbait for a few big bites as well. The ghost Herring color has been the only color we have used.

We are also finding some good schools of fish out deep. The past two trips, there are some good schools of fish out on the timber in 40-45 feet of water. We have been working those with a 3/8oz SpotSticker Casting jig and 3/16 oz Screwball shake with ZOOM Swamp Crawler. Any color as long as it has Green Pumpkin in the name. This bite is coming on strong and I believe you can catch a big bag out there right now.

There are also still plenty of fish up on the 25 feet brush and will eat the jerkbait or a jig worked around the brush. You can also drop shot these fish but they are eating the jig so well, no need for that…….

If you would like to get out and learn the deep timber bite with me, I have some openings this month. It is the best time to learn how to work the deep stuff before the cold sets in. What you learn right now, you can use throughout the winter. Just drop me a line

Thanks and good luck to everyone out there.