Lanier Fishing Report 11/21/15

Lanier is now up about 6 inches above full pool and the surface temps are in the low 60′s. That should change over the next few days which should be good for the fishing. The water color right now is not great in most places as it has been fairly off colored for the last month in most areas.

This is just a short report from the last few days. Fishing was somewhat slow over last weekend but picked up the last few days. Some of the better fish have finally made their way out to the deep stuff and we have been catching them out there pretty good.

Fish are starting to show up in some of the numerous ditches from 40-60 feet of water on the lower end and will eat a jig pretty good. I have been catching a few on a worm as well but the jig has been our best bet.

Best jig color has been either the SpotSticker Green Craw, Green Pumpkin Craw or Georgia Craw. We have been putting a Green Pumpkin or Cinnamon Pepper 5″ Yamamoto twin tail on the back. That bite is pretty good right now.

We have also been getting some big fish caught on the Ghost Herring Jerkbait as it is also that time of year. Early, we have been working a Mini Me spinnerbait with White willow up shallow for some big pigs as well.

I ended up with some free time next week so if anyone in invested in getting out and working on some deep techniques, just drop me a line.

We are very happy to announce our 1st annual SpotSticker FREE tournament. This tournament will be held on April 3rd, 2016 at Lake Lanier out of Little Hall Park. We will be awarding cash prizes as well as some great products all for a ZERO entry fee!!!! We will have a entry form with all the rules laid our available very soon but basically its a 5 fish limit tournament and you must use all SpotSticker products where applicable. First place will be a minimum of $1,000 !!! Mark off April 3rd next year and come out and fish with us…

Keep up with the tournament info and the prize list on our Facebook page at..


We also have received another shipment of our Black T-Shirts (Long and Short Sleeve) as well as some of our Hoodies. The shirts are available on the website at but if you want a hoodie, drop me a line or email at 770-356-4136.

Good luck out there to everyone.

156 thoughts on “Lanier Fishing Report 11/21/15

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