Ryan has been living in Georgia for 39 years and was introduced to fishing at a very young age.  He started out with pan fish but quickly transitioned to bass fishing.  He has won numerous local tournaments in Georgia in the past 20 years and is currently participating in national as well as local tournaments in his free time.  He fishes Lake Lanier approximately 300 days every year for spotted bass.

Recently, Ryan won the Bassmaster Southern Tour event on Lake Lanier.  This was a huge win for Ryan.  He won the tournament dropshotting a Spotsticker hand poured worm.  Ryan_Coleman_Bassmaster_Win1356635597_thumb_medium713_228 (1)

Ryan’s Featured Publications:
Georgia Outdoor News – “Spotted Bass on Lanier” – Feb 2000
Georgia Sportsman – “Lanier’s Magnum Spotted Bass” – September 2002
Georgia Outdoor News – “Lanier Bass Patterns to beat the Fall turnover” – November 2004
Bass West Magazine – “Mini-Me” by SOB Lures – June/July 2005
Gary Yamamoto’s Inside Line – ” The Mini-Me Craze ” by Mike Bucca – June 2006
Georgia Sportsman – “Our Favorite Fishing Hole” – by Don Baldwin – March 06
Ryan also writes the monthly fishing report for the Georgia Outdoor News (GON) Georgia_Sportsman_3-0613566355981356635597_thumb_medium327_491
Ryan will teach clear water techniques to anglers from beginners to Pro’s such as dropshotting, working a suspending jerkbait, fishing docks, cranking and spooning deep structure.   Ryan will also work with you on your tournament preparation.  Ryan is very skilled at fishing off shore structure and deep clear water using electronics.  We use Lowrance electronics and can answer most questions about  these units.